We are Divine Inspirational Arts in United States with Religious Art and Religious Book to spiritualize your soul and mind

Our Story

“Art of Psalms are such a joy to read ... to be cherished, handled with pleasure, read and reread and handed down to the next generation”

Shirin Moghaddam / Founder

Divine Inspirational Arts is a brand dedicated to the creation of exquisite religious artwork and the crafting of profound religious literature for people seeking spiritual enlightenment and inspiration.

With a deep reverence for faith and a commitment to preserving the rich tapestry of religious traditions, Divine Inspirational Arts strives to capture the essence of spirituality through its visually captivating artwork and thought-provoking writings. Whether through intricately designed religious paintings, sculptures, or meticulously composed religious books, this brand is a source of solace and wisdom for those who seek to deepen their connection with their faith and explore the sacred dimensions of life.

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